Construction has begun on tiny houses at several St. Louis-area schools where they are debuting a “Geometry in Construction” course this year. This tiny house project is inspired not only by the increased popularity of small dwellings but more importantly by the alternative movement to fill a gap in transitional housing for the homeless.

This tiny house project, designed by Rosemann & Associates, P.C. architects and financed by non-profit North Grand Neighborhood Services (NGNS), a 501(c)(3) is a collaboration with Rockwood School District, and Social Justice 4 All (SJ4A), also a 501(c)(3) to make these tiny houses a reality providing housing for the homeless.

Freshman and Sophomore students at both Eureka and Summit High Schools in the Rockwood School District as well Ritenour High School are using their determination and newly-acquired skills to bring the tiny house concept to life. The students are learning from the ground up how to apply geometry concepts to build these approximately 26 x 14-foot houses. Everything from construction site terminology to calculating the surface area to constructing and framing walls. The students are learning firsthand how long it takes to build a home and are becoming acutely aware of the challenges in construction.    

The interior layout of these tiny homes contains a great room, kitchenette/sitting area, a bathroom, and a studio-style bedroom. Once the tiny homes are completed, they will be moved to a lot in north St. Louis to provide shelter for homeless people. Congratulations to the Rosemann St. Louis team including Jarrett Cooper, Ryan Montana and Daniel Tynes. 



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