Rosemann & Associates, P.C.  celebrated this holiday season across the country. The adventurous Denver, Colorado team sporting their winter attire decided that three miles of snowshoeing around 6000 acres with a mid-point rest spot at a backcountry yurt was the best way to celebrate! They followed this adventure with lunch at Heck’s Tavern. Don and Scott Rosemann joined Nathan Rosemann and the Denver team on the trek. 

Our Kansas City, Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia offices shared an evening party at Affäre Restaurant in Kansas City. Included that night, was the always lively white elephant gift exchange, which left Edward English the proud owner of a Space Cat Shower Curtain. To conclude the evening, Scott Rosemann presented Don Rosemann with custom cufflinks with the Rosemann logo in celebration of the firm's 30-year anniversary.

Rosemann's St. Louis Office enjoyed a wonderful night of mingling, dinner, light hearted games, exchange of gifts, and the beautiful décor at Prasino in St. Charles, Missouri. Joining Jarrett Cooper and the St. Louis team were Don and Scott Rosemann and Dave Raden. 






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