Alex Price, Rosemann St. Louis studio architect-intern and a resident of Downtown St. Louis, had the opportunity to work with the Downtown Neighborhood Association in St. Louis to design and create a rendering for a four-story mixed-use building in the Downtown West Neighborhood. The four-story building is designed as first floor retail, fronting the popular Washington Avenue, with three floors of apartments above and parking off the rear street. However, the simple design could easily be adapted for offices or other functions.

One of the key requirements of the design was for the building to incorporate a public dog park on the same site. The dog park, serving the Downtown West and Midtown neighborhoods, will likely be built first. It was important to develop a plan now so that the Dog Park would not inhibit future development on the same site.  The dog park is placed along two minor streets to remain welcoming to the public but allow retail to still front Washington Avenue.  Alex thanked his fellow staff members for their assistance. 


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