Girls on Fire recently embarked on a field trip to Rosemann & Associates, P.C. to discover firsthand the possibilities of a career in architecture and the complexities involved in design, documentation, construction administration, marketing, and sales of architecture. It was a full morning!

Attending with seventeen 8th Grade girls were teacher sponsors Nakesia Daugherty and Christine Polizzi as well as Premier Charter School’s Principal Mary George. The program Girls on Fire was envisioned by Nakesia and Christine to help 8th grade girls consider career and life choices.  

The students were excited and curious to learn more from Rosemann’s architects Nancy Rodney who organized and led the event, Brittany Kampschroeder, and Erin Wright. Vice President/Director of Business Development Kathy Sorkin and Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator Patty Bommarito also discussed their perspective on the field of architecture. Educational requirements, along with a REVIT illustration and other software and digital design programs used by architects were presented.

Special guest Yaphett El-Amin, President of MOKAN (St. Louis Construction Contractors Assistance Center) and Rosemann client, gave an inspiring and motivational presentation about her personal journey to achieve her college education and professional work as a developer of affordable housing, encouraging all the girls to pursue their dreams and passions. 

A tour of the firm’s office space and a delicious pizza luncheon added to the special day. Thank you to all the wonderful participants of Girls on Fire for visiting us! What an inspiring day!

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