On July 26, 2018, a ground breaking ceremony was held as future residents, guests, public officials, and the development, investment and management teams gathered to witness the vision of Scott Manor Senior Apartments, the area's finest new mixed use, service enriched, independent living, affordable housing development for seniors at 2131 Chambers Road, near the intersection of Chambers and Halls Ferry Roads. Essential to the north county community of St. Louis, Missouri, this exciting development will help to fill a need for affordable housing for residents age 55 and up. 

Welcoming remarks were made by Bishop Calvin Scott, President of Believers Temple Word Fellowship Church and Co-Developer, along with acknowledgements by Kevin Buchek of Roanoke Construction, John Kennedy, St. Louis Equity Fund, County Executive Steve Stenger, St. Louis County, and Yaphett El Amin, Efficacy Consulting.   

Set to open in the summer of 2019, Scott Manor will provide 42 units for up to 84 independent senior living residents, along with 2 commercial spaces with slightly under 2,000 square feet that will be available for lease. Ample community space will be utilized for resident activities, services, and community meetings. 

To help make the community a reality, Scott Manor is being financed in-part by an allocation of Missouri and Federal Tax Credit Awards and will be designed and built by an expert project team including: Scott Manor Developer, LLC;  Scott Manor GP, LLC, General Partner; Efficacy Consulting, LLC, Development Consultant; Roanoke Construction, General Contractor; Rosemann & Associates, P.C., Architect; Grimes Consulting, Inc, Civil Engineer; Optimal Engineering Solutions, Inc., Structural Engineer; Rosenblum Goldenhersh, Legal Counsel; Rubin Brown, Accountants; and The Sansone Group, Management Company.

Congratulation to Rosemann's St. Louis team (pictured left, from left to right) Ryan Montana, John Williams, Jarrett Cooper, Kevin Buchek of Roanoke Construction, Kathy Sorkin, and Kent Hoynacki.

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