On February 28th, Rosemann Kansas City colleagues, Michael Gaillard (pictured above) and Erin Morris (pictured below) volunteered at Guadalupe Centers High School. The local charter school partnered with non-profit Prep KC to host a career day for the freshman class.

The objective was to give students a glimpse at a diverse range of potential career paths and to engage with professionals in those careers. Michael and Erin were provided a platform to answer students' questions, exchange ideas, and share experiences about their careers in architecture. 

Many of the students attending Guadalupe Centers High School will be the first in their families to apply for and to attend college. This exposure to a wide variety of professions is critical to their future. Career Day helped them to envision what success would look like, as well as the relevance of rigorous academic preparation in high school! Thank you GCHS and Prep KC for inviting Rosemann to participate!



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