Rosemann & Associates, P.C., St. Louis  is the recipient of a beautiful plaque in recognition of its generous support of the 2017-2018 Tiny House Project of Transitional Housing for the Homeless. On March 25th, Ms. Dianne Marshak, Director of the project under Social Justice 4 All (SJ4A), along with North Grand Neighborhood Services (NGNS), presented the plaque to Rosemann’s Vice President Jarrett Cooper (pictured above left) and Project Manager Ryan Montana (pictured above right). 


In Spring 2018, SJ4A and NGNS partnered with Rockwood School District in St. Louis, Missouri to debut “Geometry in Construction” course in which Freshman and Sophomore students applied their newly acquired geometry skills to bring the 26 x 14-foot tiny houses to life. 

Bommarito Construction volunteered Earthworks Services to prep the site with coordinated efforts from (Civil) Grimes Consulting, Inc. and Rosemann & Associates, P.C.

Horner & Shifrin, HWP Rigging and Rosemann & Associates, P.C. coordinated the safe transportation of the Tiny Home structures to their final destination at vacant spaces at 2411 Fall Avenue in the JeffVanderLous neighborhood, St. Louis, Missouri.

Congratulations to Jarrett Cooper, Ryan Montana, Daniel Tynes and the entire team at Rosemann & Associates, P.C. St. Louis!    

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