Historic Renovation
Multi-Family Market Rate & Affordable
Independent Senior Living

Charless Place

St. Louis, Missouri

71 Total Apartments

Originally built in 1853, Charless Place has been transformed into an independent senior living community where historic charm and modern convenience come together. Located in south St. Louis,  Charless Place offers seniors an affordable place to call home.
Charless Places’ amenities include all new interiors, and community lounge as well as an onsite fitness center, walking trail on the eight acre campus, 24-hour maintenance, and gated parking. Charless Place offers residents a retreat in the urban bustle with its abundant greenspace and services for its residents.

Charless Home served seniors in a variety of ways for over 150 years. Its new life as affordable senior apartments is a fitting tribute to its history. The  project team infused new life into the historic fabric while maintaining the rich character of the building and generous site.

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