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Chestefield Business Park

Chesterfield, Missouri

12,700 Square Feet

67 Office Condominiums

Imagine buying a gift when you don’t know the recipient. That’s the challenge Rosemann faced when they got on board the Chesterfield
Business Park. Rosemann had to design a 10 building office park with 67 office condominium units, anticipating the needs of an unknown user.

Rosemann met the challenge by utilizing universally important features such as large, aesthetically appealing exterior entrances and ample parking. They created a flexible pallet that could be customized to serve the individual needs of the user.

For prospective buyers, Rosemann’s interior design team met with the contractor for needs assessment to analyze any potential uses. This project proved Rosemann’s team has a gift for handling open-ended
objectives while creating a solidified , successful project design.


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