Multi-Family Market Rate & Affordable

Near Southside Neighborhood Redevelopment

St. Louis, Missouri

170 New Single Family Homes

148 New Apartments

380 Apartment Renovations

Integrating today’s design with the architecture of the past was a priority for the project team on the Near Southside Neighborhood Redevelopment Hope VI project.

Rosemann led the design team by first creating a Master Plan developed to increase the safety and security of the entire neighborhood while promoting community interaction. With collaborative input from the project team, this was achieved by incorporating recreational areas, intersections for neighbors to interact and streamlining vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow.

The second step was to design buildings that incorporated the surrounding historic areas while providing residents with new, safer structures. Rosemann’s team accomplished this by keeping the architecture simple in scale and design. Successfully complete, the redevelopment of Near Southside has been celebrated by the client and their residents for the improvements made and the long-lasting effect it has had on the community.


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