Joe Lordi

Architectural Team


  • 678.590.3200

Hailing from Youngstown Ohio, Joe joined Rosemann’s Midtown Atlanta office in April 2022. He graduated from Kent State University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in architecture. A native of Northeast Ohio, Joe spent his senior year at Kent State’s Florence Italy campus, where he returned after graduation to complete an internship at a boutique design studio.

Joe has practiced architecture in Pittsburgh (PA) and eventually Atlanta, for a cumulative five years before bringing his passion and experience to Rosemann. His background is in commercial, where he is comfortable working on both new and existing construction. Another specialty is contextual renovation, including multiple-floor redesigns of offices, medical facilities, malls, and civic buildings.

Joe brings a strong work ethic, pragmatism, and international perspective cultivated through years of study, travel, and work, as well as a strong grasp of historical design. Above all, he is a reliable resource who meets deadlines and adapts quickly to new environments and software.  

Fun Fact

When not designing buildings, Joe uses his free time to pursue the arts – whether enjoying the masterworks of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art or making the art himself. Joe uses pastel, charcoal, and oil paint to make portraits, figure drawings, and cityscapes – many of which he gives away to family and friends as gifts.