Kristy LaRose

Director of Business Development


  • 404.401.4849

A results-oriented leader, Kristy has immersed herself into the Atlanta Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry for nearly two decades.  She is passionate about the design and construction field and the talented professionals that provide products and services within it.  A true connector, Kristy has built a significant network of industry colleagues, and is a great resource for both Rosemann and their clients.  

Kristy is constantly eager to learn, grow, and provide the best trust-based service to her clients.  She has jumped into the multi-family sector and is busy sharing the Roseman Way with a variety of owners who develop housing communities in the metro Atlanta area and throughout the Southeastern Region.

Fun Fact

If I could pick a superpower, it would be to have two-way verbal communication with animals.  I am a huge animal lover (four pets and hoping for a fifth, if husband lets us) and think it would be a beneficial dose of positivity to know what my pets are really thinking and have to say.  In my head, they are impressively hilarious, strikingly authentic, and totally easy-going… traits that I love being around!